About Wayne The Frame

Wayne Dodds, aka `Wayne The Frame` first took an interest in photography after returning from his last round the world travels back in 2002. With a massive desire not to return to the motor industry, he thought he’d turn his non existing talent into learning photography.

This, soon led Wayne to realise that his only talent was in the making of the beautiful frames around the Photography!

Some 20,000 frames later, Wayne has been running a very successful bespoke picture framing & gallery business here, in Norfolk, but photography was never far from his mind. Encouraged by a few friends (actually one) who said he had an eye for it (actually two) Wayne was soon led into believing that he might actually have some talent for photography after all.

So, some two decades later and armed with a kayak and no idea what he was doing, Wayne took to the high seas to explore the creeks, inlets and beaches of the Norfolk coast, and get to the places where others dare not travel; yes, even Folkestone in Kent and once to Scotland!!!

With no photography qualification but aided with his two eyes for it, Wayne brings to you these beautiful images from his escapades into the unknown and hopes you like seeing the sometimes unseen.

As far as he’s aware none of his photography hangs in private collections at home or abroad and he’s never exhibited anywhere, or won any awards, and probably never will.

Wayne Dodds was born in Kent in 1973 and settled in Norfolk in 2002. In between is a bit of a blur… He failed his eleven plus and left school with a desiring to be the Rubber Duck in the film, Convoy. He is happily married to his wife Edith and they have a daughter, Jenny-Wren.

It is said his style of photography is moody, colourful, black&white, self-indulgent, understated, overstated, with often self-deprecating, sarcastic titles.

Thank you for buying my work!