Environmental Information

Here at Fineline frames and gallery we are very aware of the enviromental issues facing the world today. The manufactoring of the framing process  creates a lot of waste. Thankfully for us we can recycle the majority of this waste. Plastics in packaging still remain our biggest challenge. please see below the actions we have taken and ones we continue to try and find solitions for.

  • All offcuts of glass are recyled

  • we no longer use bubble wrap, instead we use a recyled and recylable cushioned cardboard. We will reuse bubble wrap that comes in from our suppilers.

  • All our offcuts of wood our currently given to heat a local vicars woodburner.

  • we do not use polymer plastic mouldings. ​​

  • All offcuts of mount/barrier and backboard are recyled.

  • Our gallery uses an efficient clay core heater to reduce electricity consumption. lighting is mainly from LEDs

  • we are currently looking at other options to reduce or replace polythene wraps on mounted prints and cards. Bio wraps may be a possible solution. 

  • ln the future we hope to make our workshop more insulated and heated more efficiently

  • All our wooden mouldings are certified by the Forest stewardship council (FSC)